Mans greatest building!

I decided to create that Dancing Pheasant blog to create some awareness and discuss one of the greatest inventions known to man: The Library. There are so many libraries around the world that are famous and infamous for many reasons throughout history, and while we will discuss those in a few future blog posts, I also want to raise awareness for some of the smaller libraries in the world you may have never even heard of. I have always enjoyed libraries as I used to study in them all the time when I was younger, and I have also designed a few libraries myself. I even once led the building of a library a long time ago, and it’s always been a service close to my heart.

Libraries have historically been a place of education, learning and intelligence and throughout the world they have done nothing but benefit society and those who are in a quest of knowledge. In some libraries, you will find hundreds of pages of information for any subject you can think of, and even certain subjects and topics have their own libraries dedicated towards information for them. Libraries have also been a place where many can congregate to learn together and provide a place of social interaction that may not be suitable otherwise.

Libraries are situated in many cities around the world, and it is almost necessary in todays age for every city or place of population to have a library that is stocked with information for anyone of any age. The variety of topics that they cover, genres they cover and even subjects they cover within those genres means that there is such an extensive amount of knowledge throughout the world and they are all placed within library books. You may not realise the wealth of knowledge and the information that is housed within a library, but when you step foot into one it is almost overwhelming the feeling that you get. You know that there are collective hundreds of thousands of years’ worth of research, knowledge and work that had been put into the books inside the library.

There is another thing that I really enjoy about libraries all around the world. Libraries have a distinctive look and design to them. Some of them are created and designed to be grand and beautiful looking, while others are designed simply like another building. One library that I have seen in the past looked exactly like a primary school, mainly consisting of multiple colourful walling and glass colours. I remember when I first saw it that it would be the perfect design to ingratiate children into learning and education using libraries, because the design made the library look like a fun and enjoyable place to be. It looked exciting and appealing to children, and it is what we need more of.

However, I do not want to undersell the amazing libraries that have been built throughout history. There are so many different libraries as grand and as amazing as the next, and while some may find them to be old fashioned, I still find them to be beautiful. There is such an elegant design to most libraries throughout the world, the libraries design almost gives prestige just for the look itself.

I can’t wait to discuss some of the many libraries around the world. I hope you stick around to see some of the posts in the future!

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