Fan question: British Library?

So, I have a bit of bad news about my readers. I show many family and friends this blog because I wanted an honest and truthful feedback circle for all my blog posts. I knew before I started this blog that it would not be the most interesting, and that is why I asked for a bit of advice and honest criticism. What I had forgotten about before I started this blog is a little thing called bias. I can’t talk about the building design or construction of the British Library without having some form of bias regarding the library itself, even though I think it is one of the best architectural works ever to be constructed and completed within the entire United Kingdom’s history.

This means I am going to make todays blog post a little different. Instead of speaking to you guys about how I feel regarding the British Library, I would love for you to share some of your own thoughts on it.

For the rest of this post however, I will be discussing some obvious facts about the history of the British library, so I cannot be accused of being bias, or even having a side in the fight so to speak.

The building itself was only created in 1973, even though it feels as if the Library has been around forever. It was only created due to the governments belief that a national library was necessary for the culture of the United Kingdom, as the original national library was simply a section of the British Museum. Over time, the assets and items that the library held had been swapped, traded and borrowed until the library absorbed its own selection of materials.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much to discuss about the library for me. I wanted to get really in depth about the architecture and design of the building itself, but alas. Either way, please do share your thoughts on the building and more specifically, it’s design and read some of my past blog posts from the last few days too!

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